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Vanquished Wombat
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Hands on tech director for a boutique software co based in South of England. Interested in computers since ZX81. Came up through the Microsoft development route of VB into Classic ASP then on into heavy client side focus with JavaScript.

I've done a lot with SQL Server and have experience with other DBMS products, middleware / API integrations both standards based and bespoke, reporting systems, dashboards, data analysis.

I have a particular interest in UI's requiring heavy graphics processing that would require the HTML5 Canvas, including production quality variable data / localised marketing production.

For HTML5 canvas apps, I currently find Konva is a brilliant library to accelerate productivity and creativity, but I have worked with Fabric, Paper, GoJS, D3, and various products on the server for graphics and PDF manipulation.

Experienced includes: company management, pre-sales, productisation, product management, internationalisation, product support, developer-wrangling, client-facing, and being the place the buck stops rolling. If you have a new or established product and you want to move into new markets I have the experience to help.

Generically, I specialise in building applications that delight users on systems that companies need, then keeping them interesting and valuable.

Open to offers of interesting collaboration or projects that are out of the ordinary.

Current side projects:

  • Fomantic-ui & Semantic-ui: currently working on a complex project for which FUI has been selected so I expect to be raising a few questions on the subject of FUI with plain JS.
  • Trying to write a pure-canvas rich text editor, library agnostic that will have bridges to popular JS canvas libs.
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