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Creature-Design: Unkillable save by sacrifice
4 votes

The only way to kill the creature is by eating it. Its flesh is poisonous and any who do eat part of it will die. Give the creature magical healing that lets it pull itself back together. Even if you ...

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How to kill trees?
3 votes

One of the things i think you need to consider for this is how people would try to use this rather than stop it. It is fairly common for people to manipulate the way a tree grows during its life so ...

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How to sabotage a blacksmith production?
2 votes

Not the most effective way but an interesting mythological occurrence of this by Loki can be read in places like here https://norse-mythology.org/tales/loki-and-the-dwarves/ The short version of this ...

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How are humans better than supernaturals?
1 votes

Humans have choice This is a variation of supernatural weakness but a lot of supernatural or magic things have to follow their nature. For example: a druid cannot wield metal weapons, a vampire ...

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White Magic consumes Vital Energy, what could be the limitation for Dark Magic?
1 votes

Dark magic could consume direct physical 'energy', taking parts of the body away to power the spell. This would cause Dark Magic to do direct damage to the body of the caster. Enhanced aging, opening ...

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Why might it be desirable to engineer aquatic humans?
0 votes

Genetic Engineering is Common A possible reason for your universe could be that your humans are especially advanced at genetic engineering in comparison to other sciences. If your humans commonly use ...

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