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21 votes

Subtle ways to render a planet uninhabitable

16 votes

How can glass marbles naturally occur in a desert?

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How would people deny obviously supernatural things in a modern setting?

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How can polyandry function as a stable system?

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How could a small civilization move about normally, tactically, and quickly in a large swamp?

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Destruction by design - how best to go about crafting a ruined landscape?

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Batteries for droids

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What is the plausibility of settlements developed near rivers of lava

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Would society become matriarchal, patriarchal or balanced if the military consisted mostly of women but the top leadership are men?

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Advance human society by time-transporting a book. Which to choose?

1 vote

How would an immortal hide his/her immortality or maintain it publicly?

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If fairies don't need as much food, water or space, why wouldn't they overwhelm humans in the post-apocalypse?