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Could negative matter/energy exist in a stable state?
6 votes

I actually have never heard of negative matter before and so this was kind of fun and kind of hard, but I will give it my best shot. First off negative matter in a sci-fi story could be both good or ...

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An animal army for world domination
5 votes

Mosquitoes Mosquitoes are the most deadly animal on the planet they also exist on every continent except Antarctica. (Also there are no mosquitoes in Iceland and a few other small places lucky them.) ...

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Magic that Alters Living Cells - Fast-Growing Plants?
Accepted answer
2 votes

To alter an organisms growth pattern you simply need to change it's DNA patterns. The patterns of DNA stored in every cell in your body instructs each and every cell in your body on how it should ...

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Would policemen still be around if one must have their limbic system partially removed?
1 votes

Considering the current president is the man you described in your question. Why do they need to want to enlist at all. Just select people and brainwash them into perfect policemen removing the limbic ...

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Why would advanced alien warships have living crews rather than be drones?
1 votes

There is the possibility that these aliens bodies and minds are so incredibly advanced they can actually control the ship (by plugging into it, steering manually with their tentacles,highly advanced ...

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