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75 votes

Why would alien vehicles be tripods?

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Are bullets slower than sound feasible in a high tech scenario?

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How quickly could a cyborg determine that a bullet has been fired from the sound alone?

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Can a human being live with a continuous stream of blood instead of pulses?

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Is it possible to make spaceship very difficult to reverse engineer if you can't oversee its usage?

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How to carry a spear?

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How to break a stalemate between two spaceships in a planetary invasion scenario

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How to explain magic boost during celestial conjunction?

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Would we solve oceans rising problem by destoying the Moon?

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Visual changes in appearance after 6000 years away from earth

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Too close for comfort

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What speed must rotate a space station to provide an Earth-like gravity

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What would make airships viable economically?

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Should crafting unique wand be a requirement for rite of passage for wizard?

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Atmospheric pressure on a giant mountain

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How to define artificial intelligence (AI)?