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Astronomical Phenomena that cause Tidal Waves
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6 votes

Billions of years ago, when the Earth and Moon were very young, because the Moon was much closer to the Earth, the tidal bore (the swell of water caused by the Moon's attraction) was around a mile ...

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Is metal-based, or other non-carbon-based, life realistic?
5 votes

There are several reasons why carbon based lifeforms thrive: Carbon molecules can form polymers, such as amino acids. This allows for proteins to form. Carbon molecules are stable, meaning that ...

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Can jellyfish migrate out of water?
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4 votes

Large, gas filled jellyfish that float around have been hypothesised as a type of life form which could be found in the atmosphere of a gas giant such as Jupiter. Respiration in jellyfish would not ...

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Could life survive on a diet of dust?
2 votes

Yes, but for different reasons. Mineral Dust If the dust is from rocks, then a life-form could probably survive mainly because of the minerals. For example, a plant could survive off the mineral-...

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