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96 votes

Would a "ring language" be possible?

81 votes

Best places to be on Earth when an all out nuclear World War III breaks out?

67 votes

What non-electrical, basic tool from today, could be made that would change the world in ancient times?

58 votes

Planet wide seasons: Possible?

55 votes

Why didn't we detect that exoplanet before?

51 votes

What happens if money vanishes if not spent?

44 votes

What could lead a very poor country to arise as an economic powerhouse?

41 votes

Is it possible for a planet to have the same seasons in both hemispheres?

38 votes

Scientific explanation for a exceptionally bright night sky

36 votes

How to tell a blackhole from a neutron star covered entirely by Dyson sphere painted in vantablack?

36 votes

Planet with only plant life?

34 votes

How would two worlds first establish an exchange rate between their currencies

32 votes

Effectiveness of a glowing hot tungsten sword against medieval era knights?

28 votes

How could a slave master ensure his slaves return?

27 votes

How small can the universe be while still appearing infinite?

27 votes

What would America lack if cut off from World trade for years?

27 votes

How far away would an alien civilization need to be for us to not notice them?

25 votes

Best place on Earth to fake being on a distant planet?

24 votes

Would using carbon dioxide as fuel work to reduce the greenhouse effect?

23 votes

How much volume does a liquefied human take?

21 votes

Make solar eclipses exceedingly rare, but still have new moons

21 votes

What is a recently obsolete computer storage device that would be significantly difficult to extract data from?

21 votes

I travel back in time: how could I know when I landed?

21 votes

How can I prevent the Christian schism of 1054 in order to create a more unified church?

21 votes

How do I calculate the number of people who have ever lived in a place over a given span of time assuming a fixed population?

19 votes

In what war would one modern military vehicle make a difference?

17 votes

The weird case of the unresponsive Earth - why does the Earth stop communicating with Mars?

17 votes

Preventing the spread of Christianity in the Roman Empire

17 votes

Could humans wipe out all remaining wild vertebrates on Earth in one year, if no effort is spared in doing so?

17 votes

How long could a human survive completely without the immune system?

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