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256 votes

Would a robot really need to use a heads up display (HUD)?

89 votes

How might a collective society (along the lines of ST's Borg) develop?

83 votes

Will social networking sites create fake people using AI?

80 votes

Why do aliens who visit us have higher tech than us? Couldn't they wait for us to have it too?

70 votes

How can you prevent a theocracy from being inevitable when religious leaders have power over nature?

68 votes

"Slow" teleportation

66 votes

Humans as Pets?

59 votes

How would law enforcement be different if we could talk to the dead?

57 votes

Why would a government passively encourage its people to not obtain a formal education?

46 votes

Precision Destruction by a Cosmic Being (Or how to destroy StackExchange from space)

37 votes

How long would it take for a new intelligent species to evolve if humans disappeared?

35 votes

Who should mine the Asteroids? Humans or Robots?

34 votes

Monitoring for people who practice religion

32 votes

In an atheist alien society where bodily functions (reproduction and waste elimination) are not taboo what would be used to curse?

29 votes

Maggots at a party... How would alien races dine together?

26 votes

How might modern humans leave a message for 50,000 years?

25 votes

How to convince people to teleport themselves?

25 votes

Biggest possible battleship that can be built?

23 votes

Dragons and aviation bureaucracy

21 votes

In a world with common magic, which would you use for physical labor: a human, or a horse?

20 votes

How will survivors of a global plague find each other?

19 votes

Culture shock... Alien Social Activities

19 votes

Can I still form a new country?

18 votes

Can I keep our universe, but without the speed limit (of light)?

18 votes

What could an average modern human achieve in medieval times?

17 votes

Alien message: arrows and sequence order

16 votes

Could communism become a strong alternative to capitalism in the future?

14 votes

Piracy and generational starships

13 votes

What methods of transportation would develop in a Stone Age society in a forest world?

12 votes

Pills instead of meals?

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