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23 votes

How do you "devolve" a species?

21 votes

Non-Cancer terminal illness that can affect young (age 10-13) girls?

15 votes

What would be the most expensive material to an intergalactic society?

15 votes

Could a virus that just kills plants be the end of us all?

11 votes

Can the future theoretically be predicted through analyzing the exact patterns of the universe?

10 votes

Why would a civilization that has invented teleportation use other means of transportation?

9 votes

Why don't demons possess children until after puberty?

7 votes

How could an animal "smell" carbon monoxide?

6 votes

Little known, relatively unlikely, but scientifically plausible, apocalyptic (or near apocalyptic) events

5 votes

Avoiding moral hazard concerning Pokolpok (ancient Maya ball game)

4 votes

Effects of immortality on human brain and consciousness

3 votes

Dangerous pending task in world managing A.I

2 votes

What sort of rules / limitations could govern and affect a crystal resource that is both anti-gravity and energy-producing?

2 votes

What would make radio transmission unfeasible on a planet?

1 vote

How to make an animal which can only breed for a certain number of generations?

1 vote

Crime rates in a post-scarcity economy

1 vote

Is life viable on a split Earth?

1 vote

How to explain why humans weren’t encountered by alien species?

1 vote

Teleportation without dying

1 vote

The singularity does not happen. Why?

1 vote

How to put costs and limitations on telekinesis?

1 vote

Which modern organisms would survive a new K-Pg level impact?