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know-nothing nobody absorbing all the details possible
prefers to be nice can be kind of cranky
a little more technically inclined than social attuned
mind-wide-open but don't destroy my sculpting
come on in and throw some words at me
what are you looking for here anyways? oh, about me. Right, okay.
high-school reject who fell through the cracks in our canadian education system.
Probably pretty autistic, though some people pronounce it awesome.
You need experience to get a job but you need a job to get experience. My life is a cache-22 if-then loop.
I'm a black-box function that takes all the inputs and offers hardly any output.
Fighting for my health and distracting through educating myself.
Self-applied study in computers, electronics, mechanics, and related tangents since I got a cheap desktop and broadband connection a decade ago.
Yes, I am new at much of this.
But I will keep learning.
Art of the autodidact, my only yearning.

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