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Tim Spriggs
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Associate Degree in electronics. I had the smarts to get an engineering degree but I just didn't have the money. So I became an electronic tech instead. I enjoyed the shit out of repairing stuff too. I got to work on a small mainframe piece of equipment too, an IBM 3890 check processing machine. I not only repaired them but fixed some chronic problems too. I quit to work at Intel after only two years with the bank check processing gig. I later learned the machines worked better than they had ever, in their collective memories. Human memories. I hope to learn from the engineering gurus here tho. It was serendipity that brought me here, but I hope to make the most of it by learning from the true brainiacs. Also, in high school I built a digital clock from scratch, not from a kit. It worked too. This was in 1975 when the technology was new. digital clocks with hours, minutes, and SECONDS were almost non-existent at that time, aside from the military and NASA. I also installed postal machines for Martin Marietta, as a team lead. They also ran great. A+, Network+ certifications. Also, studied aircraft maintenance--turned down a job at Eclipse Aviation(jet aircraft). They nearly folded a few months later. ha ha. I'm on disability due to a car accident in 2001, a pain odyssey.

Well, enough about me. Let's hear about you. Okay, now back to me. JK


Tim Spriggs.

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