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Is it feasible to have a literal ivory tower?

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The Heisenberg Uncertainty Ray - A Hyper-Scanning Doomsday Weapon

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How can changes in personality/values of a person who turned into a vampire be explained?

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Why might a society perceive erasing from history as worse than death?

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Biological CPUs - why would the developed world fear them?

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How can I justify a Type III civilization using planetary jump drives instead of FTL starships for galactic commerce and travel?

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How would a higher-dimensional being enter a lower dimension?

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What plausible reason could I give for my FTL drive only working in space

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How would the indigenous peoples of North America have developed in the absense of the Europeans?

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Could an insect-winged humanoid keep its private parts covered?

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Why are escape pods used instead of transporters whenever an alarm sounds to abandon the ship?

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What prevents magic from being used scientifically?

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Spaceship defenses against rail guns in scope of existing physics

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On a tidally locked planet, would time be quantized?

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What would prostitutes wear in a setting where skimpy clothing is a sign of rank

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Practical (and Impractical) Clothing Styles For Microgravity

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How to prevent superluminal traveling idiots from wrecking half of the universe?

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5 million years in the future and Humans are still the same: how is that possible?

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Despite being invulnerable against ballistic projectiles, why does a wizard's robe still get wet during rain?

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How Might I Design Mountains for My Tidally Locked Planet?

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What could prevent players from leaving an island?

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Could flying insects re-enter the Earth's atmosphere from space without burning up?

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Proper combat distance scaling for a sci-fi space opera tabletop setting

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Should it be Illegal to alter Someones Memories?

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Viability of a Matchlock Rotary Gun?

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Despite almost zero energy consumption why does my spaceship scheduled cryostasis in shifts?

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Figuring out how enemy computers work from their game consoles?

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Plausible setting that requires a wearable flamethrower

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Moon base internet functionality

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How can space-mines be improved as a viable weapons in interplanetary space warefare?