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How do I defend an island nation from attackers with 15th century technology?
4 votes

A lot of these answers focus on guerrilla warfare - and I broadly agree. You have 30-40,000 men who can draw a bow, throw a spear or wield an axe, and that's a huge advantage; nor should you forget ...

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What would have the impact been on WWII had Germany had a more sizable U-Boat fleet at the start?
1 votes

Option one: More U-boats come out of the Army/Luftwaffe budgets. With fewer tanks and Stukas, the campaign into France doesn't go so spectacularly well, and the U-boats are mostly used in the North ...

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Best choices for economics for small landlocked country
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Controlling the main known supply of something fabulously valuable, perhaps? If the world's only known diamond mine is in ABC, and the ABCian army is fearsome...well, you're likely to trade for the ...

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