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25 votes

How can a secret, murderous cult remain secret?

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How close could a planet get to a super massive black hole before being destroyed

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Why would only negative mutations be inheritable while positive ones are not?

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How to prevent superluminal traveling idiots from wrecking half of the universe?

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How could I have modern computers without GUIs?

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How to keep a military technology secret while using it?

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Why might any self-respecting dungeon engineer employ a booby trap which isn't lethal?

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How can changes in personality/values of a person who turned into a vampire be explained?

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How to study magic that isn't objective

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What impact would a dragon the size of Asia have on the environment?

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Would we find alien music meaningful?

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The singularity does not happen. Why?

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A realistic explanation of a typical Plague-inc "infect everyone before you start killing them" strategy

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Why would a decision making machine decide to destroy itself?

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How to keep democracies from falling behind technologically?

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Forememory: What could prevent reiteration from working?