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15 votes

What would make scientists realize they were on a flat world?

6 votes

Is there any job that can't be automated?

5 votes

Why would a government passively encourage its people to not obtain a formal education?

4 votes

Why would someone want to be free if slavery offers better quality of life?

3 votes

What attributes can fathers pass on through their spirit?

2 votes

Can there be a society where competition is impossible?

2 votes

How would a cave civilisation survive underground?

1 vote

Why don't demons possess children until after puberty?

0 votes

Would a modern culture in which parents can decide the sex of the child have an even number of each sex?

-1 votes

Is there a single historic event which could be changed to cause the USA to use SI units?

-3 votes

How to prevent the creation of the Atomic Bomb?