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140 votes

Anatomically Correct Strange Women In Ponds Distributing Swords

102 votes

What (modern) weapons could be used to destroy skeletal enemies as completely as possible?

78 votes

How can I explain a world where everything is working together to kill the protagonist?

69 votes

Spiders In Space: How to design a space suit for an arachnid?

60 votes

A hang glider, sudden unexpected lift to 25,000 feet altitude, what could do this?

60 votes

How to not starve gigantic beasts

52 votes

Stigma of virginity and chastity loophole

48 votes

Why would a land animal need to move continuously to stay alive?

48 votes

What is the best way for a skeleton to impersonate human without using magic?

46 votes

How does Santa eat every cookie?

45 votes

Universal Language

44 votes

How long would it take to dismantle a city by hand?

44 votes

Parachute equivalent when there is no ground

38 votes

How can a mute cast spells that require incantation during medieval times?

33 votes

What would be the necessary conditions to rain bubbles?

32 votes

Plausible reason for gold-digging ant

30 votes

How many humans can I abduct without getting noticed?

27 votes

How to transport 10,000 terrestrial trolls across ocean fast?

26 votes

Make slimes great again, but how?

25 votes

How to fight a kitty army?

25 votes

Why would having more mages to conduct a spell not make it faster?

22 votes

Is it possible to make sharp wind that can cut stuff from afar?

21 votes

I'm a mad scientist and want to give my Frankenstein's Monster steel plating on the outside of his limbs. What considerations should I think about?

20 votes

An Anvil made of never melting ice

20 votes

Why would some immortal beings choose to appear elderly?

20 votes

What is the utilitarian purpose of artificial waterfalls?

20 votes

Does harmony have to be invented?

20 votes

Need to start a religion with a predefined self-destruct

19 votes

A guy asked me to kill 15 trolls, how do I prove that I did it?

19 votes

Could you do acrobatics and long-distance running in an ankle-length dress?

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