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What would it take to be an Illuminati-like group?
19 votes

Not naming it would help. Power structures that are formalized are easier to control and dismantle. (See The Tyranny of Structurelessness by Jo Freeman.) Making power structures explicit also takes a ...

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No Limits Humans - Physical Side
13 votes

Yes, they could be faster and stronger than a normal human, but not by a whole lot. The mind limits what it asks of the body to ensure that it does not injure the body, but a lot of this tendency gets ...

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What are the core elements required for creating a "successful" religion?
8 votes

A religion is a social organism, so a successful religion will have to balance its own needs with the needs of its followers. From my own experiences with and observation of religion, I think these ...

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How can a god convince a civilization that he doesn't exist?
5 votes

In a single generation? Probably not going to happen, if we're looking for a realistic total deconversion here. Give it a couple thousand years of silence, though, a dark age that destroys the paper ...

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Magic that Alters Living Cells - Windows in Trees?
4 votes

You might be able to have the tree construct something like nanocellulose. A sufficiently skilled person might be able to get a tree to produce cellophane as well, since cellophane is produced from ...

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A Much Stronger Current in the Ocean
0 votes

A lot of things would likely happen. I'm not an oceanographer, so I'm just making guesses here, and am probably missing things from this list I've come up with. Nature tends to be in a pretty fine ...

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Can people upload their consciousnesses to computers?
-1 votes

Absolutely. The human brain is nothing but a chemical computer, after all, and it's this chemical computer that gives rise to the mind. For me, the problem of causality is a watertight argument ...

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