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10 votes

Could my planet be habitable (Or partially habitable) by humans?

6 votes

Creating magically binding contracts that can't be abused?

5 votes

Could a substance (drug, chemical, etc.) instantly teach a language?

3 votes

What evolutionary traits would make human child-to-adultsize growth be extremely fast, and how fast can it get?

2 votes

How would the biological ability to generate electricity to fight work in terrestrial animals?

1 vote

Conditions to help Paganism survive until a Revival Movement

1 vote

Could humans possibly survive on a shallow ocean planet with scarce, but large, volcanic islands?

1 vote

How would different antler styles impact balance in humanoids?

1 vote

Can this animal glide?

0 votes

How would a modern military deal with an organized uprising from a group of werewolves?

0 votes

Can a single, larger black hole be split into multiple smaller black holes?

0 votes

Does my binary planet make sense?

0 votes

What conditions could help the Roman Catholic Papacy revive Paganism successfully to reduce Protestantism?

0 votes

Must a sapient species rely entirely on language to advance?

0 votes

At what technological level can a mixed-gender military not be at a disadvantage to an all-male one?

-1 votes

Which animals are closest to a large upright boar monster that can mimic human speech?

-2 votes

How to stop ants from learning philosophy and taking over Belarus

-3 votes

Is a "20th century" spacefaring civilization plausible?