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A tag is a keyword or label that categorizes your question with other, similar questions. Using the right tags makes it easier for others to find and answer your question.

For questions with an element that only has two dimensions: length and width. This tag is only relevant when describing something that is often not two-dimensional.
5 questions
For questions pertaining to the possession of a specific skill.
25 questions
For questions pertaining to the spontaneous generation of life from inorganic compounds.
3 questions
0 questions
For questions about how a certain species or object can change to fit a new criteria of living or other.
96 questions
0 questions
For questions having to do with the appreciation of beauty, be it in living or artistic form.
11 questions
For questions set in the historical period dominated by sailing ships, or an analogous historical period in a fictional world. Usually pertains to transportation.
25 questions
Pertaining to the cultivation of crops and other plants or the technologies which relate to this field. Agriculture can encompass plant biology and plant genetics in certain cases as well.
213 questions
0 questions
16 questions
Related to combat in the air using airplanes or other armed aerial vehicle.
12 questions
For questions about heavier-than-air artificial objects designed to fly through an atmosphere, including fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters. Not for flight-capable living creatures (use [avian]) or l…
135 questions
For questions involving large flying objects that are lighter than air.
161 questions
For questions asking about the nature, use, consumption, development, cultural impact, and production of alcoholic beverages in a world building context.
12 questions
For questions about computer programs or other logical processes designed to conduct computations or solve problems. Algorithm questions may be about (1) algorithms in the world itself; consider taggi…
6 questions
to be used when considering the geometry of the universe itself. It refers not to extraterrestrial species, but to geometries completely foreign to normal experience.
67 questions
For questions about a different and uncharacteristic species or object that has come to the world from another world. NOT for questions about extraterrestrials in their native environment.
1079 questions
For questions relating to radically changed Earth. This alternate Earth could be a post-apocalyptic Earth, or Earth with major changes in the current social/political/economical schemes.
264 questions
For questions that ask what might have happened if history had taken a different path.
831 questions
For questions in which reality is different than it is in real life. This may range from small, historical changes to absolute revisions of the laws of physics.
310 questions
For questions about worlds other than Earth that are significantly different. This could be a water, ice, barren or other planet. For questions about planets similar to Earth with specific differenc…
395 questions
For questions regarding anything happening at a specific altitude. It is generally about the impact of high altitude.
14 questions
9 questions
used for amphibians or any organism which engages in multiple forms of respiration
12 questions
A tag for entry into the Anatomically Correct series
53 questions
For questions about the physical structure of an organism.
For questions that are set in an era corresponding to a level of technology between the invention of writing and the fall of the Western Roman Empire in 476 AD.
183 questions
For use in questions about robotic entities that resemble humans.
56 questions
For questions about the supernatural winged humans found in modern religious lore. Theologically, they act as the messengers of God, but relevant questions may omit this definition and choose to focus…
17 questions
0 questions
0 questions
The anthropic principle is the philosophical consideration that observations of the physical universe must be compatible with the conscious and sapient life that observes it.
1 question
Study of humans, human behaviour and human society. Usually about studying behaviour at the individual level, for broader scale study consider [sociology] instead.
20 questions
For questions about the material composed of antiparticles (which have the opposite charge from the equivalent particles of regular matter), its uses and role in the universe, and its interaction with…
76 questions
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