A tag is a keyword or label that categorizes your question with other, similar questions. Using the right tags makes it easier for others to find and answer your question.

For questions about electromagnetic waves and particle radiation.
125 questions
For questions about implemented technology that can be used for transportation. For questions about the act of transportation, consider using [transportation] instead.
125 questions
For questions dealing with things that happen beneath the surface of the planet or other celestial body, except for things that happen in water (use [underwater] for that).
123 questions
For questions dealing with acts that violate the laws of a given legislation.
123 questions
Concerning dimensions of space and time, whether our 3-space + 1-time or other dimensions.
123 questions
For questions about naturally occurring phenomena that cause damage and threat to a sentient being, e.g. tornadoes, earthquakes, meteors, etc.
122 questions
should be used for questions specifically asking about the nuclear weapons. The question can be about the usage in war, its construction under certain circumstances or its effects in a given …
119 questions
For questions related to vampires, imaginary undead beings generally assumed to subsist by means of fresh human blood.
118 questions
For questions about the process of developing scientific discoveries and what prerequisites are needed for different types of discoveries.
118 questions
For questions about planetary climate change.
should be used when planning the overall, broad, and long term objectives for an organization or individual. Depending on your needs, this can be used with economic, military, political, or o…
117 questions
For questions regarding the day-night cycle of a day on a world. Usually regarding the dark-light cycle.
117 questions
For questions about birds and birdlike creatures. Does not include machines designed for flying (consider [airships], [aircraft], [spaceships]). Consider also [flight].
116 questions
For questions relating to gas giants: large planets composed of gases (usually mostly hydrogen and helium).
115 questions
For questions about the interactions and relationships between multiple different species.
114 questions
For questions about the force of magnetism and its applications.
114 questions
For question about anything that can be used as a power source for a planet or civilization.
114 questions
For questions about the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disease and injury.
114 questions
Questions involving radiant energy from the Sun.
112 questions
For questions about instantaneously or near-instantaneously transporting an object from one location to another.
111 questions
For questions that have to do with means of commercial exchange other than barter.
109 questions
For questions relating to sexual reproduction and the physical acts of mating that sexual beings engage in.
109 questions
For questions about politics at a larger-than-nation-state scale. These may include questions about relations between superpowers, entities similar to the United Nations, the functioning of a single w…
109 questions
For questions involving creatures in seas/oceans. This tag is useful when paired with a broader creature tag such as "biology," "creature-design," or "xenobiology" in order to provide the most specifi…
108 questions
Questions dealing with creatures that have the ability to change their body form into someone or something else, voluntarily or involuntarily. Consider also the [chimera-folk] tag.
107 questions
For questions about blood, its use in the circulatory system, its effect and what would happen if it was changed.
107 questions
For questions that have to do with dinosaurs, excluding their living avian descendants.
105 questions
For questions involving volcanoes, volcanic eruptions, and related phenomena, whether or Earth or elsewhere.
For questions about rock particles or large rocky bodies in space, typically in orbit around a star. Contrast with "meteors", space rocks falling to planetary surfaces. Whereas asteroids are objects t…
102 questions
For questions about the formation and existence of deserts, how civilizations survive in them, creatures of the desert, and related topics.
101 questions
For questions that refer in general to the violent expenditure of energy in a specific area that is typically referred to as an explosion.
100 questions
For questions involving the economic exchange of goods or services.
100 questions
For questions about specific groups of living organisms that are similar enough to interbreed successfully.
99 questions
For questions about society's worst possible state, its components and consequences.
99 questions
For questions about systems used to distribute time into certain periods adapted to the purposes of common life, as hours, days, weeks, months, years, etc.
99 questions
For questions about heavier-than-air artificial objects designed to fly through an atmosphere, including fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters. Not for flight-capable living creatures (use [avian]) or l…
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