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A tag is a keyword or label that categorizes your question with other, similar questions. Using the right tags makes it easier for others to find and answer your question.

For questions dealing with the central nervous system, which includes the brain and spinal cord.
216 questions
Pertaining to the cultivation of crops and other plants or the technologies which relate to this field. Agriculture can encompass plant biology and plant genetics in certain cases as well.
213 questions
For questions about heat and temperature. For example, such questions could ask about the temperature of astronomical objects, living beings, or space.
209 questions
For questions seeking resources intended to help people with building a fictional world, such as books and software relating to worldbuilding itself (rather than the world that is being built). Consid…
208 questions
For questions that deal with the natural resources found in the environment.
204 questions
For questions concerning electromagnetic radiation in the visible spectrum.
201 questions
For questions about settings in which superluminal travel and/or communication is a possibility.
200 questions
For questions seeking guidance balancing the power and capabilities of a magic system.
199 questions
For questions needing solutions regarding metallurgy, properties of real or fantastical metals or metallic substances, or the usage, acquisition, or in-world effects of them.
197 questions
For questions about undead creatures, typically depicted as mindless, reanimated human corpses with a hunger for human flesh.
197 questions
For questions about the movement of people between locations, includes migration.
194 questions
For questions that have to do with the science or practice of drawing maps. If the question has to do with making maps this tag is a good fit. Note: This tag is about creating maps of physical feature…
194 questions
For questions about extremely large artificial structures, including buildings.
192 questions
For questions about technology that works with sizes of less than 100 nanometers, often the manipulation of individual molecules.
188 questions
For questions about weapons that use an explosion as their main propellant.
186 questions
For questions that are set in an era corresponding to a level of technology between the invention of writing and the fall of the Western Roman Empire in 476 AD.
182 questions
For questions of Earth\humans that extrapolate beyond available data: hundreds of years at least, thousands commonly, millions preferably.
182 questions
For questions regarding clothes (and other related possessions) and trends of a culture.
177 questions
For questions about the characteristics of living beings in different settings. This tag is not for questions about the daily life of characters.
176 questions
For questions relating to water-based vessels. Ships in space should use the spaceship tag.
174 questions
For questions about aquatic creatures traditionally resembling humans but with a fish tail instead of legs, or any sort of water-dwelling humanoid.
171 questions
For questions asking about current or future normal behavior in a given society.
166 questions
For questions relating to both people or animals dying and people or animals who have died.
165 questions
For questions concerning the universe and alternate or parallel universes.
165 questions
For questions about implemented technology that can be used for transportation. For questions about the act of transportation, consider using [transportation] instead.
162 questions
For questions involving large flying objects that are lighter than air.
161 questions
For questions about electromagnetic waves and particle radiation.
159 questions
For questions about byproduct of the combustion of materials.
158 questions
For questions relating to gas giants: large planets composed of gases (usually mostly hydrogen and helium).
158 questions
For questions dealing with things that happen beneath the surface of the planet or other celestial body, except for things that happen in water (use [underwater] for that).
155 questions
For questions about mathematics, including our own system of mathematics and alien versions of mathematics, focusing on their effects on societies and civilizations.
154 questions
For questions trying to understand the different possibilities for the future of Earth.
153 questions
For questions about nuclear weapons. For example, topics could be about their usage in war, their construction, or their effect in a given scenario. Also consider using the tag [weapon-mass-destructio…
153 questions
For questions about the process of moving en masse to a new area.
152 questions
For questions discussing some level of self-awareness.
152 questions
For questions based in worlds where technology is typically steam-powered rather than based on electricity.
151 questions
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