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A tag is a keyword or label that categorizes your question with other, similar questions. Using the right tags makes it easier for others to find and answer your question.

× 349
are concerning people living in space who are non-native to space.
× 348
For questions related to planets, moons, stars and other celestial objects, and their motion on the sky.
× 346
For questions relating to travel in time. Such travel often involves FTL travel; consider also using the [tag:faster-than-light] tag.
× 338
For questions dealing with events during an apocalypse scenario. Do not use for post-apocalyptic settings.
× 336
For questions about the gases which surround a planet or some other celestial body.
× 334
For questions dealing with how bodies interact with each other in space via gravitation.
× 324
For questions about groups of societies and their defining characteristics and achievements.
× 324
For questions concerning the immediate future, where technology is assumed to have advanced slightly while still recognizable to modern humans. Questions utilizing this tag should focus on a particul…
× 308
For questions about planet Earth as we know it. Changed Earths (extra moon, closer solar orbit, etc) should use the [earth-like] tag.
× 307
For questions about rocks, minerals and the physical structure and substance of the world.
× 300
For questions related to plants and vegetation in general.
× 295
For questions about cities, their systems and evolution.
× 289
For questions about the development and usage of powers and abilities beyond what is "normal" for a specific species.
× 283
For questions about the written or spoken language of a world.
× 274
For questions related to the climate, temperature and precipitation that a world might experience. Compare [climate] and [seasons].
× 267
For questions about worlds other than Earth that are significantly different. This could be a water, ice, barren or other planet. For questions about planets similar to Earth with specific differenc…
× 266
For questions regarding the impact of religion in a given scenario or the creation of a religion for use in a fictional world.
× 256
For questions relating to the exchange of ideas and information between beings.
× 247
For questions based on computers and other like devices having human-like intelligence.
× 247
For questions that have to do with chemistry, chemical reactions be they biological or artificial, or the industrial processes of chemistry.
× 245
For questions about the process of creating a new world or changing and developing an existing one, as opposed to questions about some element of the world being created or changed. NOTE that this is …
× 239
For questions about the viability of life in certain conditions. For example, it could be used in questions asking about the possibility of life on a planet or other astronomical body.
× 238
For questions about sources and types of nutrition for a living organism.
× 237
For questions regarding artificial structures that exist in space.
× 229
For questions about sources of power, generation, storage, how much is needed to perform different tasks, etc.
× 226
For questions about luminous spheres of plasma held together by their own gravity, generally comprised primarily of hydrogen and helium.
× 223
Questions about science and the perception of science in a fictional world. Use [science-based] for questions on how to explain fictional things based on real-world science. Use tags relating to speci…
× 214
For questions about the use of engineering to create structures and devices in other worlds, including whether or not a device could be made or what materials would be needed to make a device.
× 213
For questions relating to the thoughts and decision making processes of beings.
× 204
often found in the fantasy subgenre of fiction, such as elves, dwarves, etc. This can be about their physical characteristics, their societies, or something co…
× 189
For questions related to the sets of rules set in place by organizations to govern the behaviour of the people.
× 174
For questions about the standard passage of time on objects/people/civilisations etc. Also consider the [time-keeping], [spacetime-dimensions], [alternate-history], [universe], [time-travel], or [time…
× 171
For use with questions that have to do with the process of buildings structures or habitats.
× 166
For questions relating to the structure or relations regarding a fictional military or its parts.
× 165
For questions based in contemporary Earth, current technology and social norms.
× 164
For questions about the physical structure of an organism.