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River valley civilization in woodland steppe?

Bronze Age Herders and Farmers Prior to ~3,500 BC, the European steppe was basically empty. The areas immediately around the Don, Danube, Volga, etc all had hunter-gatherer populations, but the land ...
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River valley civilization in woodland steppe?

Nitpicks: Grassland may or may not be suitable for nomadic pastoralists, but woodland definitely isn't. There is no such thing as woodland steppe. Steppe is grassland by definition. Forest steppe is ...
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Stability in my habitable planet orbiting a binary system (Solved)

TL;DR: Liva is probably in a stable orbit, and is almost certainly tidally locked. Important thing 1 is the Hill Sphere. The Hill radius of a body is given by $$ r_H \approx a\sqrt[3]{m \over 3M} $$ ...
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