Fortunately for you, we already have just such a list prepared! Just head over to this question and take a look; just be careful you don't get overwhelmed by the sheer abundance of information there!


I hope I'm answering your question properly. Here it goes: Efficiency vs Aesthetic: what was the purpose of a structure? Sure, a building may house a library, a DMV, etc., but is it built to be pretty or to be functional? Symbols/Flags: Kind of cliche, but do the citizens of this city show off their patriotism? Is it embedded in their culture? This can be ...


As long as we're on the topic of mapmaking, I found that using the map editor for Civilization 5 was quite useful for the first draft of my map. Because it draws in hex tiles, it very easily lends itself to drawing to a scale. Just decide how big a single hex is, and your map will naturally be to scale. No need to measure anything. I then took a ...

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