For questions related to the effects of certain circumstances, conditions, or locality changes on war. Related tags: [civil-war], [nuclear-war], [cold-war]

From Wikipedia:

War is a state of armed conflict between autonomous organizations (such as states and non-state actors) or alliances of such organizations. It is generally characterized by extreme collective aggression, physical destruction, and usually high mortality.

Warfare can also include economic sanctions and propaganda against the opponent entity.

Since the scope of this tag is very wide, in order to remain answerable, questions with this tag should be as specific as possible. Rather than asking about war in general, ask about a specific aspect of warfare, restricting the scope of potential answer through a given set of parameters. For example, this question asks about how cannons would work or whether they would be used at all in a magic-heavy society. A general question about how would magic change warfare, by contrast, would be too broad and likely put on hold until it is improved.

Some questions focus on a specific type of war. Consider using , , or for these.

Also consider the tag.