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Would a bear cavalry be feasible?

Not really. Traditionally when an army ran low on supplies, the men would start eating the mounts. When an army with bears starts to run low on supplies, the mounts would start eating the men. This ...
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How can I build a door to repel a horde of zombies?

Human engineering can, 100%, keep out a horde of zombies. In The Walking Dead things fail because if they didn't the show would be boring. In real life, there exist castle gates hundreds of years old ...
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Modern warfare theory in a medieval setting

The question shows a misunderstanding of why the Middle Ages were medieval. It's not that the people who lived in those times did not know any better. They did. In particular, they had good Roman ...
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Would a full body diamond armor and sword guarantee survival and victory against a medieval battalion?

No Ten (or more) knights would grab him by the arms and legs, bind him in iron chains, and then chuck him in a dungeon. No matter what kind of armor or melee weapon you have, you are still limited ...
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Would a full body diamond armor and sword guarantee survival and victory against a medieval battalion?

There are numerous problems. Diamonds are brittle Hard, but relatively easy to crush, if you happen to hit just right. Armor would be crushed before your hero knows what happened. See Why does ...
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Would a bear cavalry be feasible?

Yes, but you have to flesh out your fictional world around it. Lets assume your world has bear cavalry. That is a - fictional - fact (sic). Lets also assume that this has been so for some centuries. ...
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Why would a country make a declaration of war instead of just invading?

A declaration of war allows the recipient to surrender before interrupting both economies to form armies for invasion and defense. A declaration of war establishes basis for closing borders, ceasing ...
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Eternal space battle around a planet. But why?

FTL (faster-than-light) travel lane chokepoint The space battle(s) aren't actually fought about that planet, they're fought because this star system represents a strategically valuable chokepoint in ...
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Why would the government ban flamethrowers in a zombie apocalypse?

The only thing worse than a zombie chasing you... is a FLAMING zombie chasing you! Your zombies don't immediately die once set ablaze. Sure, EVENTUALLY enough of their flesh has burned off to render ...
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How to realistically deal with a shield user?

I practice early medieval (Viking) style semi-contact as a hobby. With blunt steel weapons not with some LARP toys. I can tell you how we deal with an enemy with a shield and then some historical ...
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Making Rock, Paper, Scissors fair in battle

Paper Armor Believe it or not, this was an actual thing; the Chinese used it for nearly a millennium as one of their main types of infantry armor. In addition to the obvious decreased cost factor, it ...
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Is this alternate history plausible? (Hard Sci-Fi, Realistic History)

The story can be summed up as follows. Von Braun is captured by the Soviets, not the Americans. Failure to beat the Soviets to the Moon extends the Space Race. An extended Space Race means space ...
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How can I build a door to repel a horde of zombies?

We humans are pretty good at building gates to keep people out. We've been doing it for a long time for military purposes and to stop thieves. Why Do We Have Gates? Because there has to be some way ...
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Would modern age military skills be useful during the crusades?

No Modern soldiers are trained and equipped to modern warfare. They are next to useless for ancient warfare. At best, they wouldn't be better than any other piece-of-flesh to make for cannon-fodder ...
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Eternal space battle around a planet. But why?

Robot War The opposing factions are in fact the robotic fleets of two different civilisations that once occupied the planet, they populate much of the rest of the star system and have functionally ...
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Why is ground warfare smaller scaled than space warfare?

The reason no space-faring nation would invest in large, expensive ground forces is the fact that they have no defense against your kilometer-long dreadnoughts. However, a small special forces team ...
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Modern warfare theory in a medieval setting

Honestly the 'modern' military theory that would give Lord Gary the biggest advantage would be modern attitudes towards hygiene. It was extremely common in the time period you're talking about for a ...
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How do I make a space battle both realistic, with physics in play such as no sound and weird motion, but also very epic and intense still?

Space battles, at least realistic ones will be done with computer targeting systems. Humans will not have a big task on the spaceship. I imagine repair and ensuring the AI/computer won't go rogue will ...
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Are "Midas" swords useless for warfare?

Honestly, the best use of this would be to turn corpses (their and yours), waste, and the like into nice safe gold. Campaigning armies in medieval times suffered greatly from disease, and poor hygiene ...
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Would a squad of soldiers who can shapeshift into T. Rexes be useful in a modern battle?

I can imagine battlefield logistics would be much easier. One of the most dangerous and common tasks for infantry is shuttling supplies back and forth between the front lines and the forward camp. If ...
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Why is ground warfare smaller scaled than space warfare?

If you have orbital superiority, small teams are the only ground forces worth deploying. You can drop a nuke from orbit and incinerate a city. You can drop 'rods from God' to precisely annihilate ...
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War between two type III civilizations from the perspective of a type II civilization

We can examine what a full K-type "difference" looks like in the current context. While we cannot look up yet (there are no K-type 1.7+ civilizations as far as we can see), but we can look down. ...
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What kind of natural armor would stop bullets?

Mantis Shrimp Claws will do quite nicely. Carbon is extremely abundant on Earth's surface and presumably any other Earth-like planet that the author may be working on. Given the many forms that ...
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Why would a country make a declaration of war instead of just invading?

A declaration of war would be needed to raise troops. Before the modern era, there weren't standing armies in most countries. You had to pull labor off of crops/cattle and make them an army ...
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What difficulty would the Roman Empire have besieging a fantasy kingdom's 49 m wall?

Laying aside the 112,000 man army (which is monstrous), I'll address Rome and the wall. Rome was entirely capable of working through almost any typical engineering problem involving such a wall. The ...
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What single change would have given the best chance for the Allies to win the Battle of France in early WWII

The French listen to Belgian intelligence. The Belgians had surprisingly good intelligence about what the Germans were planning. They'd identified the German military buildup, and considered an ...
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Would 'magic' muskets be a significant advantage over actual muskets?

Magic over powder A couple of points I see here, that give magic muskets a major combat effectiveness edge over black powder muskets. Range You mention a longer range. This means more shots can be ...
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Why would a race with high longevity but low numbers be aggressive and warlike?

They're immortals, they've had thousands of years to hone their skills. They don't die easily. They're all veterans of countless battles and know when to retreat. For humans losing mere dozens out of ...
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What would be the pros and cons of a merged military and police?

Police and Military should never be merged. They have different missions and are set up completely differently. If you look at countries in conflict, and those that are stable today, you see a ...
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How do I make my dynasty last 1000s of years?

It's nice to see someone acknowledging that maintaining a dynasty for more than a few centuries is a very, very difficult proposition: too many fantasy works casually write 'and the House of X has ...
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