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Is it harder for an intelligent octopus to live on land, or a human to live in space?

You can see octopodes crawl out of a tide pool and into a neighboring pool with little difficulty. octopodes have been known to crawl out of a tank in an aquarium and have the crab in the tank next ...
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Could a person scuba diving take off his air tank and use it to propel himself?

My question is, would it be physically possible to do that with the air tank? No. Source: Tried it. We've actually been taught to breathe off a tank without a regulator. You can do so by ...
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Is it harder for an intelligent octopus to live on land, or a human to live in space?

Octopodes are not going to colonize land the same way we've colonized space - they're going to colonize the land the way we've colonized the sea. Penguino has done a pretty good of addressing how ...
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Any reasons for a primal aquatic race to build land-based villages?

One word: fire. Cooking and metalworking are the first two things that pop into my mind that are made easier, if not possible, on land. While you could argue that neither is necessary for an aquatic ...
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An underwater creature that could take down a boat

Give that Columbus' craft were built using Carvel construction (butt jointed wood caulked with tarred hemp that is hammered into the joints and then a coat of tar over everything beneath the waterline)...
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Could a person scuba diving take off his air tank and use it to propel himself?

Here is a way to bypass the issue Our hero removes his air tank, points it away from himself and starts fumbling to undo the top. It's not working! He's never opened one of these things himself let ...
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In an underwater society, would the wheel ever be invented?

Probably, but it depends on a couple of things Firstly: The weight of the loads they're trying to move. If they only ever move things that can be easily pulled into the open water there is no reason ...
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Could a jet engine that uses water as fuel work?

Let's analyze this step by step. First, you wouldn't be using the water as fuel, but as reaction mass, like an ordinary jet engine uses air. You can't really compress water, fortunately, that's not ...
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Looking for a soft substance that doesn't dissolve underwater

What you described is an old invention:the wax tablet. Spermaceti from sperm whales is just one of many waxes your underwater people could use. Some of the fishes also contain significant quantities ...
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Why would mechs be used in underwater combat but not on land?

Heat Mechs are inefficient temperature-wise, being submerged in water helps them dissipate heat quickly, which allows them to operate longer than few minutes on land before overheating
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How would an underwater race protect against pressure waves?

Bubble curtain. https://www.eurotrib.com/comments/2012/9/6/165418/5127/3 Depicted - an oil rig with a circumferential bubble curtain to reduce underwater noise. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/...
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How do mermaids perform major surgical procedure underwater?

Mermaids perform surgery like this: The patient is laid out on a table with the body part to be operated on at the highest point. A transparent sea shell is then lowered over the target area. Clean ...
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How to make "humans" that can hold their breath for a long time?

The Bajau People What you're looking for might already exist in a group of real people in southeast Asia known as the tribes of Sama-Bajau or the "Sea Nomads". They live in a culture where ...
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Why would mechs be used in underwater combat but not on land?

There are a few reasons not to use mechs on land, with one of the main ones being that the joints are unable to support the weight of the body if the mech is too large. For details see Plausible ...
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How safe would deep-sea investigation of a nuclear battleground be?

We already did this. And oh boy, what a mess. The target wasn't a sea monster, but the Japanese battleship Nagato, Yamamoto's flagship at Pearl Harbor. And it wasn't any Tsar Bomba, just an ordinary ...
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How expressive is a color-based language?

Binary Consider how complex a computer is and what it is capable of, yet all its code is composed of almost the most rudimentary elements possible: zeros and ones (binary code). So, the computer ...
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What would happen to a human body subjected to extreme water pressure?

You would die quite instantly. L.Dutch's answer is accurate if you do the shift on a reasonably short timescale. But if you do it really fast, which I'm getting the impression is your goal, the ...
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Could a jet engine that uses water as fuel work?

You have updated the venerable pop-pop boat. Pop-pop boats are sweet. They boil water and use the steam for propulsion. The vacuum caused by the steam leaving the boat causes the water reservoir to ...
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How deep can the ocean plausibly be?

Until the pressure causes the water to no longer be fluid. Planets can (theoretically) be made of nothing but water. Although after a few hundred kilometers, the water in the center may be turned ...
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How would an underwater race protect against pressure waves?

A bubble curtain is a decent idea, but for something more static, that doesn't require continuous power... A sponge wall. You want a series of baffles that will allow water to pass through, but will ...
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Is it harder for an intelligent octopus to live on land, or a human to live in space?

There are a few issues that need to be considered separately: Constructing water-filled environments for a water-breather to reside in on land isn't a significant technical issue. The manufacturing ...
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Could merfolk cook without air by using electrical heating?

Consider Not Cooking For starters, electricity and water are not a great combination. Your merfolk are as likely to cook themselves as anything else. Beyond that, ask yourself if they need to cook at ...
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What is a medieval technology method of underwater enemy detection?

Marine watchdogs. First option: Build a net wall around the city in the water like torpedo nets. Inside the net give a cautious and jumpy sea dweller a home. The net has no warning function, it ...
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Underwater acoustic muffling/dampening and sonar evasion. Is a stealth torpedo possible?

Fishpedo You want stealth. Then be stealthy. Blend in. The ocean is full of fish. Look like a fish. Move like a fish. Have the sonar profile of... you get it. The sub cannot destroy every ...
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Are there any structural materials suitable for production underwater?

Domesticated Molluscs Giant clams are just one sort of shellfish, but there are potentially many others of various shapes and sizes. You don't even need to grow clams this big so long as you are ...
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In a single-continent world, what could cause hydrothermal vents?

You can have tectonic plates even on a water world, that is still "land" under there, you just have enough water to cover it all. In your case, any tectonic plates carrying enough land to break ...
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Could a submarine 'sail' the ocean currents?

Sailing actually requires two separate mediums for it to work. Sailing ships tack based on the wind pushing the sail, and that presses the keel of the ship against the water. The direction of the ship ...
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What kind of weapons would still be effective under water?

Basically everything that you thrust. The issue with underwater combat is, as you mention yourself, the drag. Thus every weapon that relies on swinging or other movement in order to abuse its weight ...
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What are the considerations for waterproofing a building's first few floors?

Well, I think the city founders should maybe respect the Dutch a little bit more, because they don't know what they're getting into. First and foremost, salt water is incredibly corrosive. There's no ...
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Could a person scuba diving take off his air tank and use it to propel himself?

First of all, holding your breath while emerging from a deep dive is a really bad idea: the air in your lungs will expand as you approach the surface and will turn you into a balloon, probably killing ...
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