For questions about the standard passage of time on objects/people/civilisations etc. Also consider the [time-keeping], [spacetime-dimensions], [alternate-history], [universe], [time-travel], or [time-manipulation] tags.

This tag is for questions about the effects of standard passage of time on objects/persons/civilizations etc. Questions should be based on the realistic concept of time, rather than more fictionalised concepts.

Also consider the following time-related tags:

  • , if the measurement of time or creation of calendars is involved.
  • , if space is involved - typically as the result of relativistic effects.

For questions relating to alternate-time and the multiverse consider using the following tags:

  • , for timelines involving a different sequence of events.
  • , for alternate/parallel universes and the multiverse.

For questions relating to more fantastical ideas consider:

  • , if time travel is involved.
  • , if FTL travel speed is involved.
  • , if the non-standard passage of time is involved - such as perception and manipulation of faster/slower time, time bubbles etc. Typically without including time-travel or FTL speeds.