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Are "Midas" swords useless for warfare?

Honestly, the best use of this would be to turn corpses (their and yours), waste, and the like into nice safe gold. Campaigning armies in medieval times suffered greatly from disease, and poor hygiene ...
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Would tanks or small walkers be better for Lunar militaries?

I was an Anti-tank gunner for 8 years with the Marines, I'll let ya in on why walkers will never be used by a military as an armored vehicle. First, joints are huge weak points. Not just to enemy ...
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How much havoc can a small amount of people cause in a metropolis?

Assassinate the Garbage Collectors Every city has workers at the bottom, doing the nasty, dirty jobs needed to keep a city livable. Chances are, dear reader, you yourself don't 'see' these people in ...
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What kind of a unit/army would prefer fighting from a low ground position?

An army that moves in the ground Human warfare has actually been conducted under ground. From the cave bases in Afghanistan, to tunnel warfare in Vietnam, to mining in The Great War. In a fantasy ...
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Are "Midas" swords useless for warfare?

Assuming they are rare or entirely new, even a single one of these weapons would turn the tide of any war, but it would never see battle. Just follow these simple steps: 1) stab a few cows 2) hire ...
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What kind of spells would magicians cast in combat if the fuel to magic is very expensive

Snipers Given the rule that magicians can control what they can see the most effective place for a mage would appear to be as a magical sniper, special forces or artillery. It's also probable the ...
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Are "Midas" swords useless for warfare?

Assuming these Midas weapons convert a person into a statue of that person made of solid gold, we are looking at a pretty effective weapon in certain specific circumstances. A person, on average, has ...
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Zombie army is bad idea. But why actually?

The zombies are idiots. Zombies can attack or defend, but they can't attack intelligently, and they can only do both at once with a lot of attention from the sorcerer. In a fight, a skilled fighter (...
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Tactics and strategy an army can use to counter Human Wave attacks?

Machine guns have made human wave attacks ineffective. Where human waves prevailed against modern firepower, it was always that defendants were unprepared for it, due to lack of properly dug-in ...
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How to utilize dragons that are too small to ride in warfare?

1 - Messenger. Pigeons sent information but had to fear hawks. I would like to see a hawk intercepting mail when the messenger is badder and meaner than them. Also, the intelligence would allow for ...
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What would be the most effective role to place 150-300 modern soldiers in during the Civil War?

They'd be pretty lethal on a tactical level. One of many reasons why World War 1 was so grotesque was because soldiers (towards the beginning, at least) lined up and walked/charged into machine guns. ...
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How to battle enemies who have superhuman speed

Short answer: Are you crazy? The key in any planned military encounter is to do everything to tilt the odds in your favour. You want a preponderance of men, proper equipment and logistics, terrain ...
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Why would an army of angels with air superiority fight demons on the ground?

This sort of question comes up quite often in warfare. The answer is simple: the demons have found a way to nullify the advantage of attacking from the air. This is a very common approach in warfare. ...
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How to utilize dragons that are too small to ride in warfare?

"This is Lord Mountjoy Quickfang Winterforth IV, the hottest dragon in the city. It could burn your head clean off." Commander Vimes limped forward from the shadows. A small and extremely ...
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Would a hill covered with 10,000 dead rabbits and soaked with 5,000 liters of wine present an impediment to charging horse-mounted cavalry?

Not realistic Where did the rabbits come from? 10,000 rabbits is quite a lot of rabbits. Your army would need to spend a great deal of energy capturing that many live rabbits. Or your army has spent ...
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Handling a sword blade (directly) to stab

The answer is Yes, of course, a warrior can grasp his own sword by the blade, and the old fighting manuals show this technique clearly (half-sword technique). There are also instances where it is ...
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What kind of a unit/army would prefer fighting from a low ground position?

The high ground is better because... you can more easily throw stuff onto the enemy, you can walk down saving strength, you can see further, and in close quarters you stand taller. We need to ...
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Why can't a Tercio use crossbows and pikes?

Tercios are Renaissance and Early Modern, crossbows are Middle Ages. The point of the tercio is that it was a combined arms unit; it had similar numbers of pikemen and musketeers, and all pikemen and ...
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What is the best way to defeat a enemy of superior numbers but inferior technology?

There are a lot of bad answers here that mainly seem to come out of a few pervasive myths about European colonialism. There is no need to go around killing the natives at a ratio sufficient to match ...
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How Would the Square-Cube Law change Medieval/Ancient Warfare Between Tiny Humanoids

1. Blunt force / "bludgeoning" damage will be less effective than points and blades. Consider an ant, flicked off a table to the floor. Usually, it just walks around as if nothing has ...
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Why would space combat require boarding?

Spaceships are sacred relics from the Ones-That-Came-Before The techniques of building warp engines have been lost centuries ago and now each of the surviving spaceships capable of FTL is a priceless ...
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How do dwarves defend their City-under-the-Mountain from a dragon?

From my experience with dwarf fortress, what you want to do is trap the dragon and use it as a source of FUN. Basically trap it and use it to terrorize prisoners and bad dwarfs. Lava The funnest ...
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Battlefield Tactics for eleven pixies carrying a machine gun

Swap the AK-47 for hand grenades. As has been pointed out elsewhere, forcing a group of pixies to lug around a machine gun is impractical, and negates the advantage of their small size by clumping ...
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What kind of a unit/army would prefer fighting from a low ground position?

Mud Hoses Dwarven engineers create some kind of very big and powerful water/mud hoses. As soon as attackers are charging downhill, they target the hoses against the hillside, to generate a very ...
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Fighting a dragon with modern military units (or Smaug vs. a MEU)

How To Train Kill Your Dragon This is not even close to a fair fight. What you've described is a sort of enormous, slow, heavily armored helicopter lacking long range weaponry against a force ...
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Is the Pike Square formation truly invincible?

Yes, this formation is vulnerable to ranged fire. Light but strong steel armor that became relatively cheap at the time was important, because it improved protection against arrows for pikemen who ...
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Medieval style tactics vs high-positioned archers

Your enemy has done 90% of the work of setting up a siege for you. Help them finish it. Many medieval battles were fought as sieges - a well fortified position, a superior force surrounding it, and ...
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Zombie army is bad idea. But why actually?

Zombies have no sense of self-preservation. If you tell a zombie to walk to the castle, they'll do it, even if there's a moat in the way. Or caltrops. Or fire. There is no difference between the ...
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What types of tactics would humans develop against creatures that are hurt by light in a literal dark post-apocalyptic world?

The creatures in question will also tend to avoid any areas where lightning or similar electrical discharges have gone off for a few hours, as for some reason, if they enter that area within the ...
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What would be the most effective role to place 150-300 modern soldiers in during the Civil War?

Communications! The answer is in this sentence: "They have advanced weapons and tech" Split your modern troops up 1 to a Corps, or 1 to a Division if you can get enough radios. Reserve a ...
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