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What are some logistic of mounts can also fly and swim?

They are ducks. Not dragons, ducks: Most importantly, ducks are not very good on the Earth. To swim, to fly and to walk, these are very different things and you can not be very good in all of them. ...
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Two sets of fins, two different functions?

Sure This has already happened on your home planet. Long long ago, fish crawled onto land and evolved into birds. Those birds then learnt to swim underwater. They have two sets of fins (Shag ...
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What's an effective swimming stroke for a species with gliding membranes?

Assumptions: Since it is not specified otherwise, I am assuming that these creatures: Have a similar density to humans Have a similar range of neck motion to humans Need to take breaths roughly as ...
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Which limbs should be retained or lost to turn this land animal into a swimmer?

Convergent evolution Take a look at this picture from The common pattern is a smooth elongated body with a pointy tip. Three (...
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Two sets of fins, two different functions?

We already have that on earth, it's called a flying fish. The flying fish has two wide fins that help them to glide above the water for up to 650 feet. However, these fins seem to serve little to no ...
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