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Collateral damage of a speedster running at full speed

There will be a lot of damage, both from the sonic boom and the winds First, the speedster is causing localized winds that in his immediate vicinity are about as fast as he is, 343 m/s. An F5 tornado ...
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Could an electrokinetic superhero use lightning to fly

The dielectric strength of air (the voltage you need to put on it before it breaks down and becomes "lightning" at ambient temperature, pressure, humidity, etc. is frequently cited as 3 kV/...
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Would a person adapted for super-speed be super-strong too as a side effect?

They Compress Space as they Move In general, there are 3 ways to move fast: You can be super strong and tough which allows you to power through things quickly, but the OP already invalidated this ...
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Telekinesis via electromagnetism and its energy requirements

The only thing I can answer your question is that the owner of the ability to generate powerful magnetic fields and waves, like a powerful magnet, can attract or repel objects amenable to ...
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Politically correct term for *Mutant*

You can use the term "people with control abilities (choose a specialization of superpowers)" for example, energy, matter, space, and so on. The term "people with psychokinetic/...
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