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Why would a healing factor superhero still be afraid of things?

Logan might have a supernatural healing factor, but not superhuman pain tolerance. Having suffered the horrible pain caused by injuries no other human ever survived could have been a traumatizing ...
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How can powerful telekinesis avoid violating Newton's 3rd Law?

They could brace themselves against the world behind them. Basically, they would subconsciously learn to simultaneously exert an equal and opposite force spread out over a much larger area behind ...
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In a fantasy world where physical training has no hard limit, why isn't everyone a superhuman?

Consider why you personally cannot run a 10 minute mile, or lift 200 lbs 10 times, do a backflip and land on your feet. Or why you are not expert with the bow and arrow. Or expert at throwing darts. ...
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Why might the government keep the gold at Fort Knox, even though super-villains steal it all the time?

Supervillains are going to commit huge crimes somewhere. It's what they do. The trick is to predict them, and the easiest way to do that it to bait them. Ft. Knox is well-known and (in theory) highly ...
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What mechanism can prevent super-healing heroes from accidentally budding?

Quorum sensing would be a very effective mechanism. This is a real life biological mechanism which is used by many small creatures like bacteria. Basically, it's a way of detecting how many similar ...
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Why might the government keep the gold at Fort Knox, even though super-villains steal it all the time?

Tour Ft. Knox, the world's second-biggest distraction (just behind Area-51) You bet there's gold in Ft. Knox! Everybody knows that. Little Johnny down the street knows that! Tibetan monks in ...
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Would a 4-dimensional being be able to see inside other people?

Can you as a three-dimensional being see inside a two-dimensional circle? That depends on your position relative to it. When you are looking right at its edge, you can't. But if you are above or below ...
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Why would a healing factor superhero still be afraid of things?

The possibility of being buried alive is a very powerful fear. The Old Croghan Man was a mummified body found in a bog estimated to be about 2000 years old dug up in Ireland. Imagine that body was ...
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How to Kill the Thought-Crime Killer

The problem is already solved. Joe will die in solitary confinement from thirst or starvation, as his guards and the officials responsible for replacing them all drop dead. "I should bring Joe his ...
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What mechanism can prevent super-healing heroes from accidentally budding?

There is exactly one important cell - the Core The Core is what coordinates the super-healing. Every other cell is unimportant and will simply die when cut off from a "normal" body. They can't really ...
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Putting Ant-Man on house arrest

How do they keep normal people from jimmying the anklet with a screwdriver? By making it tamper-evident. Sure, it's possible to compromise the electronics, but you're going to have a lot of explaining ...
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Taxing the superhero industry

Add a two tier tax that targets heroes doing property damage. First, a small flat tax for all heroes to help cover any damages incurred by villains and subsequent hero suppression of said villains. ...
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What's the most effective way to use my skill-copying superpower?

Start flying... a lot. the longer the flight the more you will absorb, but the real benefits is close proximity to dozens of people with the SAME skill at the same time. Languages will come first. ...
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Scientific/biological basis of someone with unlimited willpower?

Greg is clearly brain damaged, we know that selectively damaging certain areas of the brain causes drastic and "interesting" changes in behaviour. For example damage to area 24 of the anterior ...
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Why might the government keep the gold at Fort Knox, even though super-villains steal it all the time?

Plausible deniability for ransom Between abut 800 AD and 1066 AD, Viking raiders terrorized Europe. The raids reached such a pitch that local kings would pay ransom to Viking bands to leave them ...
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What job could someone do better with super-strength, but without actually revealing that they have it?

Prep Cook Service à la Some food establishments use prepackaged meals and are essentially microwave services. Others are high end joints where each tiny piece of radish is painstakingly carved. Many ...
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Superheros and capes

NO CAPES The capes conversation in Incredibles captures it best. Don't get me wrong, I've always been an apologist for Batman's cape. It's awesome and I convinced myself it's bulletproof or a glider, ...
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Personal Teleportation: From Rags to Riches

Space elevator. The cost of sending astronauts and basic materials like water, food and oxygen to the ISS are enormous. The risks associated with firing a tube of metal filled to the brim with ...
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Could a really fast man catch a bullet?

Assuming the Required Secondary Powers, certainly. The superhero in question is capable of running at 100 times the speed of a bullet. For simplicity's sake, we assume that the bullet is a standard 5....
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How do I change this guy's ability so he isn't so powerful?

He lacks "Drawback Mitigation" Most super powers come with an inherent mitigation of risk associated with their power. A few examples: Super strength: Increased bone strength and durability ...
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How to defeat a pyrokinesis user using tech and science

Shoot Him In The Head You haven’t specified that he has any kind of supernatural senses, so a well placed sniper shot from well out of his visual range, (3km has been done but let’s make it 2km for ...
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Everything Joe says will become true. Can anybody notice?

Yes. Very easily, depending on what Joe wants to change. Edit: additional assumptions. 1) the universe takes the path of least resistance to validate his statements. Therefore, rewriting the past ...
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What mechanism can prevent super-healing heroes from accidentally budding?

Healing is partially or totally spiritual. Each hero has billions of cells, but just one soul. Only the body portion with the soul can regenerate. If the body is torn into multiple small pieces, the ...
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Identify Batman without getting caught

Let him be exposed to more UV light. Like secretly replacing all Gotham city street light bulbs with ones with higher UV radiation. Then... Credit to whoever created this meme pic that I found via ...
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How to give a rationality-inducing drug to an entire software company?

Luckily for you someone has already developed a large scale system to deliver performance improving chemicals to all the staff employed within a premises, you just need to piggyback on it. The ...
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Everything Bob says is false. How does he get people to trust him?

You misunderstand trust: I trust Bob completely. A lack of trust comes from unpredictability and betrayal. Bob hasn't betrayed me because I trust him completely: he will always speak falsely. ...
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I have a superpower that no-one can say "no" to me. How can I get informed consent?

A simple answer would be it is not possible to get informed consent at all for 2 reasons: Consent must be given at the time of the event, not some time before the event. This is especially important ...
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Superheros and capes

In classic comics, the cape provides the ability to add drama to the hero's pose, often physically filling the frame to emotionally make the hero the centre of attention and even convey a sense of ...
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Solid material made from human blood

Bloody Paint Why bother turning it into some kind of structural material? Just use it as the paint on literally every surface with this girl's blood. It'll be an awful color when it dries, but if ...
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