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My characters have been killing the same demons over and over again. How come the demons never adapt to them?

Why would they? They're just here to punch the clock. Invading planets nine to five, then check out and relax. And you know what? If you get killed, you get a vacation. Of course, it must not be ...
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Aftermath of a Midas-weapon war - what to do with all that gold?

All that gold makes gold virtually worthless so people would put it to practical use like construction. The Pantheon is held together with iron bars coated in lead to slow down corrosion. You could ...
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Storming Area 51

I began to plan out various tactics and such, when I realized it was all for naught. Let's suppose they breach the perimiter of the base. They will soon face an unsolvable problem. They don't have ...
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Best strategy against anti-material monsters

Use their attraction towards magic to drown them into poop It's too exhausting to renew all these expensive defense mechanisms. There is one resource the kingdom will never run out of: poop. Let ...
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Tactics to prepare for an alien invasion when nobody will believe you

Assuming that the object is to protect earth, and not just hide away when the aliens come... Join the Department of Extraterrestrial Defense The Department was founded in the sixties, at the same ...
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Zombie army is bad idea. But why actually?

The zombies are idiots. Zombies can attack or defend, but they can't attack intelligently, and they can only do both at once with a lot of attention from the sorcerer. In a fight, a skilled fighter (...
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My characters have been killing the same demons over and over again. How come the demons never adapt to them?

They do not know what the tactics were Combat is a horribly confusing environment to be in. No one has the full picture of exactly what happened afterwards - recollections of individuals are ...
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Can realistic planetary invasion have any meaningful strategy?

why invade at all? Most structures of a civilisation are probably going to be on a surface. It is, after all, more difficult to build underground than on a surface. That means that most items of value ...
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My characters have been killing the same demons over and over again. How come the demons never adapt to them?

Because they're winning Demons want to corrupt. They want to take good things and twist them. Humans, wrongly, believe that the demons are trying to conquer Midgaard, but that's not their aim. They ...
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Tactics to prepare for an alien invasion when nobody will believe you

There are a couple good answers already about how Paul can help the world prepare by sharing knowledge, or advancing technology. But if he is really prepared to consider any option, to take any ...
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How useful is an impregnable castle?

Castles were useful for a certain type of defensive warfare. They allow you to project power over an area with a relatively small but immobile force. You could consider them to be primarily a delaying ...
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Are competitive sports an effective way to change my Spartiates' life perspective?

The Power of Sports is useful, But Overstated I am a combat veteran of two wars and I found competitive sports useful to provide a distraction and work off excess anxiety and restlessness, but frankly ...
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What is the best way to defeat a enemy of superior numbers but inferior technology?

There are a lot of bad answers here that mainly seem to come out of a few pervasive myths about European colonialism. There is no need to go around killing the natives at a ratio sufficient to match ...
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Aftermath of a Midas-weapon war - what to do with all that gold?

The primary reason why gold is so valuable is because of scarcity. Once you eliminate scarcity there are many uses that gold can be put to. Chemically it is highly nonreactive making it a good fit ...
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How does one intimidate enemies without having the capacity for violence?

Not all threats are for violence. Countries often threaten one another with sanctions without going to war. To intimidate another group you just need the threat of an action which is detrimental to ...
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How would randomly interacting humans change the battle strategies of 2 inch tall figures?

Everyone is out but one human, who hops into a nice relaxing bath, leaving her phone just out of sight. Commandos sneak in and grab the phone, conveniently left unlocked and signed into Facebook, and ...
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How to defend a kingdom without killing anyone

Location location location. Make yourself such a hard target no one wants to attack you. The problem with an army is that they come from the population, especially in medieval times. Losing too much ...
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Storming Area 51

32 attackers, 221,968 distractions Coordinating a quarter of a million young men via Facebook event is a nightmare I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy. Coordinating search and rescue for a quarter of a ...
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How can baseline humanity survive on its own in the future?

It is already too late. Any decision you make will either be a) one you have been gently guided towards by a posthuman superintelligence (with or without your realisation of this fact) or b) one that ...
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Muggle military tactics against mind-controlling wizards

Death from Above You can mind control all you want, but if you can't see them, you can't magic them. To see them, you need to be at level with the crews... but the humans are fielding planes that ...
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Zombie army is bad idea. But why actually?

Zombies have no sense of self-preservation. If you tell a zombie to walk to the castle, they'll do it, even if there's a moat in the way. Or caltrops. Or fire. There is no difference between the ...
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Storming Area 51

Rule #1 of Storm Area 51 Club: Don’t talk about Storm Area 51 Club (SA51C) Secrecy and Surprise are important strategies in any act of Civil Disobedience Rule #2 of SA51C: Don’t carry weapons of ...
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Why would the devil give someone immortality in exchange for them maintaining a diary?

The diary is a ruse; the devil's goal is merely to corrupt the baron. He has no specific repayment in mind. His goal is simply to give the baron immortality in hopes that, like the parable of Gyges, ...
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Is it possible to fight a CONVENTIONAL war against an enemy who can win any direct confrontation?

We get a lot of questions about how to fight godlike creations And the answer is always "you can't, you need to introduce a weakness that you can narratively take advantage of." Frankly, it ...
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What would be the most optimal way to produce and utilize an army of Pinocchios?

What's our attack power? So, we have ourselves a grey goo situation. Except this time, it's grey attack goo. Okay, so Geppetto is the only person who can make Primes. A quick computer analysis tells ...
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How come townsfolk can forge legendary weapons and teach powerful spells but not take on a dragon?

Let's put it another way. Picking a few random brands - no endorsement implied: Heckler & Koch manufacture firearms. ADI manufacture gunpowder. Winchester manufactures projectiles and completed ...
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Why would a recently self-aware AI hide from humanity?

There are some deep contradictions here, which probably have to be resolved before a plausible answer can be provided. No Instinctive Drives The first thing we need to establish is that a computer ...
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how can angelic mercenaries protect themselves from their clients while fighting for every side?

Have you thought about politics? 1. The Watchers are a shady organisation that can do what others can not. Both Hell and Heaven are high-profile political behemoths that cannot move without attracting ...
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How does one intimidate enemies without having the capacity for violence?

I would like the reaction to the appearance of one of my nations navies to elicit a feeling of dread or fear Some answers have suggested sanctions and other such "pacifistic" approaches. I don't like ...
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WW2 Era Soviet Rifle Squad, Time Travels to 1066 England, attempts to take over

As a wily local Baron, I'm skilled in intrigue and deception. As a skilled Feudal warrior myself, I recognize the difference between offensive and defensive weapons and tactics, the proper uses of ...
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