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For questions about the process of traveling through space, including in orbit around a planet or moon. Consider also [spaceships]. See also the tag information (click "info") for more details on when this tag applies.

Spaceflight deals with the process of travelling through space in a directed manner such as with engines or solar sails as a form of propulsion, as opposed to orbiting celestial bodies or drifting aimlessly. It also deals with orbiting celestial bodies when that is done as part of a larger mission.

Generally, the purpose of spaceflight is to travel between celestial bodies, be they a planet and its moon(s) or planets in a solar system, or even between different star systems.

Also consider the tag, for questions about the technology itself rather than the process of travelling through space.

For a more in-depth discussion about the differences between and and when each should be used, refer to Space flight vs space ships? on Worldbuilding Meta.