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For questions dealing with how sentient beings interact with each other in a community.

Societies are complex webs of relations between many beings. Members of the same society often share one or more common characteristics, including same country, same religious group, and/or same cultural group.

One synonym of "society" is "community". The term "community" is usually reserved for smaller societies, but it is based on the same principles.

For example, two people speaking the same language but living on separate continents are not necessarily part of the same society. This is the case because their respective countries and their institutions might be very different. A good case of this is the United Kingdom and the United States. Some questions, however, may consider these two countries part of the same civilization when compared to larger-scale groups, such as planet-wide civilizations. If that is the case, consider the tag.

For questions dealing primarily with cultural aspects of a single group or society, such as religion, language, art, or cultural traditions, consider the tag or a more specific tag if it's appropriate.