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A simple addition -- a line of ornamental trees that almost line up with the property. Three trees near the property are from the original manor location, and have an age of about 400 years. The other trees, slightly out of line with the old trees but nicely lined up with the landscape and roads, date to 1851.


Lightning is an electrical discharge caused by the difference in potential (voltage) exceeding the break down voltage of the atmosphere that separates to two points. The difference in potential is caused by the accumulation of positive or negative charges on either or both points — one being positive and the other negative. So, literally the opposite of ...


Iain Banks' Against a Dark Background is set in a solar system with several settled planets and 10,000 years of history. Only late in the novel is it revealed the entire system is in interglalactic space, and no stars are visible in the sky. It's a lonely feeling, knowing all these interesting characters will never leave their home system, because there is ...


Tom's answer is spot-on in the physical backgrounds, the answer just lacks a good name for the drive. I would simply call it either Dark-matter Jet Engine (for formal use) Dark Jet (for colloquial use) DJE (for engineering slang) The first term really explains quite well what this thing does: It ingests some dark matter, does something with it, and then ...

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