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Would human-shaped sperm cells work?

One of the major concerns I have is what exactly you mean by "appendages". Single cellular organisms primarily move using either flagella, longer whip-like tails, or cilia, smaller, numerous ...
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Would human-shaped sperm cells work?

Sure, sperm like this could work. The head would be the nucleus, the body would contain the mitochondria, and the arms and legs would be flagella. However, such a sperm with four flagella would use ...
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Would human-shaped sperm cells work?

I haven't found any indications of human-shaped sperm cells being unviable or impossible Evolution doesn't write papers to document why certain things do not work. If every single species using ...
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Long term viability of a human population with super healing that causes female to male sequential hermaphrotism

Frame Challenge How is this functionally different from Menopause? (Quickly ducks from all the hormonally thrown objects at my general direction) Hear me out for a second - Currently Women get their ...
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Can a species transition to ZW from XY (or vice versa) sex determination system through evolution?

Not only realistic, but totally real! Apparently, all chordates (or at the very least just vertebrates) had the same sex determination system. Both Teleostei and Lissamphibia have often transitioned ...
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