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In the case of 'reduce a human body to energy', presumably by turning it into gamma ray photons by one means or another, the answer is fairly straightforward... the average mass of, say, a North American is 80.7kg, and via $E=mc^2$ you get about 7.3 exajoules (about 1.7 gigatonnes TNT equivalent, slightly larger than the ecombined yield of the world's ...


The very simple answer to your question is No. The reason is simply that, hypothetical nuclear pasta can indeed only exist in those conditions on the surface of a neutron star. (Note too that as others have pointed out, hypothetical nuclear pasta has no conntection at all to "nuclear bombs").


Setting aside the issue of what exactly Nuclear Pasta is, and if it would still be useful after removing it from the star (I don't know, so I won't tackle it)… No hard-science fiction technology I can think of would allow anything we could build to survive on the surface of a neutron star. The gravitational field on a neutron star's surface is about 200 ...


Surface gravity of a neutron star is in excess of 1011 Earth-gravities. What sort of mechanism are you proposing that can lift up bulk quantities of matter from that sort of gravitational field? Teleporters? If you can teleport, you can almost certainly produce much more interesting and sophisticated things than mere "nuclear weapons". The nuclear pasta isn'...

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