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For questions about nuclear weapons. For example, topics could be about their usage in war, their construction, or their effect in a given scenario. Also consider using the tag [weapon-mass-destruction]. Consider reviewing "The Effects of Nuclear Weapons" (link in tag wiki) before asking your question.

This tag should be used if you have a question regarding nuclear weapons in your world. It can be used for anything directly related to nuclear weapons, such as:

  • the construction of nuclear weapons under different circumstances, such as missing natural elements needed for its construction.
  • its design and construction and how these would be influenced by your proposed circumstances.
  • its effect, such as when trying to estimate how many nuclear bombs of a given size you would need to achieve a certain destructive goal, like destroying parts of a planet.

You should think about whether to use this tag in conjunction with the tag , which is a more general term for destructive weapons. The tag might be useful if you want to ask about creating different variations of currently used nuclear weapons. If you are asking about the effect of nuclear weapons the tags or might be a good addition, depending on whether you need information about a possible design or want others to evaluate your proposed design.

Please consider reviewing The Effects of Nuclear Weapons (1977) before asking your question. We know it's a lengthy document, but it has an index, and it will answer many if not most questions.