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For questions concerning the immediate future, where technology is assumed to have advanced slightly while still recognizable to modern humans. Questions utilizing this tag should focus on a particular technology and may be about a technology itself (how would this work) or the impact of a given technology on a particular topic (Society, Warfare, Economics, etc)

The 'near future' is generally recognized as a period of time between weeks and a few decades ahead of the present. Anything nearer may be seen as imminent, and further away as more generic future or distant future.

The near future may include technological advancements sufficient to separate it from the current technology, but the likelihood is that present humans would still recognize the technology. For example, we may well invent faster computers in the near future, but it is unlikely that everyone in the world will have a supercooled, hyper-powerful computer embedded in their palm.

This tag should be used on questions concerning such a time period. Consider also using the tag, which is intended as a more generic future tag.