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This tag is for questions that deal with how navigation works or how tools for navigation work. Note that this site generally deals with questions that don't make sense in our world. So, "How does a compass work" is not a valid question on this site.

Navigation is the field of that focuses on monitoring and controlling the movement of one vehicle from one place to another. It also deals with the techniques used in moving vehicles. In a very broad sense, navigation can mean any skill or determination of direction.

Navigation is a very important tool, both in this world and others. It defines how creatures and people get around without getting lost. There are many techniques of navigation, such as using a compass, using celestial bodies, or using technology. Many of the techniques are only valid where certain constants are true. For example, a compass is only reliable if the planet has a magnetic field and there isn't high solar activity.

This tag should be used for questions that deal with how navigation works when certain parameters are true, or how navigational instruments work in non-earth circumstances.

This tag should not be used for questions that deal with geographical features or creating maps. For those you and respectively.