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Questions about Moon Phases in Fantasy World

Regarding orbits, your condition is possible. For this, you want your moon to revolve around the planet with a period of exactly half a year. A depiction follows: You want your planet have a solar ...
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Are high-density moons plausible beyond the frost line?

Definitely Even if you can find some correlation between moon densities with the distance from the Sun you can find multiple reasons as to why a planet can have a denser moon than the nearest planets ...
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What would an eclipse with a translucent crystal moon look like?

The focal length of a ball lens of radius R with index of refraction n is nR/(2(n−1)), and if the planet/moon is "just like earth", then the distance from the moon to the earth is ...
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Questions about Moon Phases in Fantasy World

Not if you're using real-world physics. A moon's orbit is only stable if it is within the Hill sphere of its parent body; for long-term stability, it needs to be less than about a third of the Hill ...
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Questions about Moon Phases in Fantasy World

I am afraid it is impossible. From Kepler's laws we know that the orbital periods depend only from the distances between the bodies. The moon M taking time T to orbit the planet P with planet P taking ...
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Brown Dwarf Star vs Gas Giant as parent for habitable moon

Gas giant moons are easy. For scale, Jupiter's outermost big moon (Callisto) is within 5% of Jupiter's Hill radius. Move Jupiter in to the Sun's habitable zone means dividing its orbital distance ...
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