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Depends; Probably Yes Memory is largely still a mystery to us. Current theories vary widely, and all lack sufficient scientific backing. I will focus on the theory of memory which I, personally, think is most likely to be true - although, again, memory is mostly a mystery to us. The theory I like the most is, basically, that thoughts are nothing more ...


Instead of the memory, you could reply the exact sensations the person felt at the time. Memories are weird. They are not sensations. They are something that long lived cells in the brain can do. Impulses in sensory and motor nerves are much less weird. In the story Isis and Augi, Augi is an artificial intelligence worn by Isis, a woman. Augi can ...


If you really need to stretch an answer, perhaps you could conduct memory recall through guided lucid dreaming/hypnosis/sleepwalking and a VR simulation of a known environment. So think about this as forensic scene recreation rather than memory stealing in the vein of "Inception". Tldr: Occulus/Vive but the visuals are pre-engineered locations, but also ...


Brain scans nowadays can image live the activity of the brain, in particular PET scans. And those scans can be played back like a clip. However, as far as I know those scans can image the activation of brain areas, thus you can see them as highly compressed and encoded version of the person's memory.

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