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How many Consciousnesses could exist in a Matrioshka brain built around an O class star

As many as you want Any star system is mostly empty space, meaning that you can fit a lot of stuff in orbit. Normally, there are limits as to what would be stable long-term due to interactions between ...
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How many miles/km of tunnels would be required to replace all airports in the world

Approximation I presume that something that resembles a train network rather then lots of direct routes. Eg Berlin to Chicago would Likely involve a route that would include London perhaps Toronto. ...
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Calculating Living Area on a Concentric Shellworld

Considering that probably you do not need a twenty-digit precision, you can calculate with volume. What you need: Calculate the volume of a 15000km sphere Substract the volume of a 3000km sphere ...
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Calculating Living Area on a Concentric Shellworld

1.183*10ยนยน square km The total area is $4\pi \sum_0^{100}(3000+120n)^2$. We ask Wolfram Alpha (leaving out the 4$\pi$): Now we just have to multiply the result by 4$\pi$: 4$\pi$ * 9.417.240.000 = 1....
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