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For questions that have to do with the science or practice of drawing maps. If the question has to do with making maps this tag is a good fit. Note: This tag is about creating maps of physical features, not creating the physical features themselves nor using the maps for navigation. For that see the geography tag or navigation tag..

Mapmaking is the practice of making maps. Mapmaking is also often called cartography. This means using a combination of style, readability, and accuracy to create a good map. The fundamental steps in creating a good map with traditional cartography are:

Set the map's agenda and select traits of the object to be mapped.

This is the concern of map editing. Traits may be physical, such as roads or land masses, or may be abstract, such as toponyms or political boundaries.

Represent the terrain of the mapped object on flat media. This is the concern of map projections.

Eliminate characteristics of the mapped object that are not relevant to the map's purpose. This is the concern of generalization.

Reduce the complexity of the characteristics that will be mapped. This is also the concern of generalization.

Orchestrate the elements of the map to best convey its message to its audience. This is the concern of map design.

More information about mapmaking can be found at the Wikipedia page here.

On this site questions tagged are generally about creating reasonable maps. Many good stories/RPGs have maps, but creating one yourself can be difficult.

For creating physical features for a map look at or .

For using maps look at