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How to stop Jimmy’s (self-conscious) limbs from rebelling?

Stupid limbs So, limbs can think. But how smart are they? We can effectively remove the limbs capability of rebelling or refusing to obey. Afterall, some of the most long-lasting governments and ideas,...
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How to stop Jimmy’s (self-conscious) limbs from rebelling?

Corporal punishment. In the most literal sense. Misbehaving regions are punished by the other members of the corpus collective, in a manner appropriate to the crime and body region. The exact nature ...
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How to stop Jimmy’s (self-conscious) limbs from rebelling?

Jimmy is a human octopus/arthropod. Jimmy over here is a pretty special fellow, for his species, because unlike humans, whose brains are pretty centralized and coordinate essentially all bodily ...
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If human babies are born underdeveloped, how long would pregnancy need to be in order to be considered fully developed?

they can afford wider pelvis than most human women Human babies are born underdeveloped because their metabolic needs at that time can be barely satisfied by the mother's body: any higher energy ...
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