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How do these trees not collapse?

Heated hydrogen gas Your bulb has a major flaw. If it pops, it'll not automatically vent it's seeds to the environment. Think of a balloon filled to bursting with marbles. Sure it'll burst, but none ...
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What would life be like in a universe with gravity that increases with distance?

Nonexistent. Uniform distribution of mass is a stable equilibrium for such a system and there are no equilibria which are not uniformly distributed. Therefore stars never form. Consider a toy model: a ...
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How much mass could be added around the Earth before the Earth's orbit around the sun changed?

This is a matter of two-body orbital mechanics. $$T=2\pi\sqrt{\frac{a^3}{G(M_1+M_2+M_3)}}$$ where: $T$ = orbit time $G$ = Gravitational Constant (6.6743E-11) $a$ = Semi Major Axis (1.49598023E11) $...
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Can a cube-shaped(ish) world have uniform(ish) gravity when composed of ideal materials, including antimass?

I suspect the answer is yes (for a rounded-edge cube), no anti-mass required, but it is in fact a surprisingly difficult calculation to deal with. You can search up questions about the gravitational ...
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How do these trees not collapse?

Electrolysis So full disclosure this idea is stolen directly from Steven Baxter & Terry Pratchett's "The Long Mars" and "The Long Cosmos" (the whole series is GREAT for ...
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How do these trees not collapse?

Its an active structure.. as in a biological version of a space-fountain. Some high-powered underground organs constantly pump in juice at speed (geysirs ...
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Crafting a Water Cycle for a Cube World with State-dependant Gravity

Short answer Assuming that the only forces moving the water is gravity and the water interacting with its self (surface tension, air pressure...), then there are 2 ways it could happen. water becomes ...
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