For questions about the characteristics and effects of natural features on a world.

One of the key points in your world is its geography. The geography of a world have direct effects on its and . But furthermore, indirect effects of the can be seen in and the development of the made by sapient species.

If you have to start from the beginning, you might consider some questions about forming realistic geography. In particular the following series of question, which follow the steps

Those questions and the given answers should help you achieve your goals.

Nevertheless, there are plenty many more questions about various geographic elements. And if those still leave you with some doubts, do not hesitate to ask your own question.

Please note that this tag is primarily for how does Geography affect the world. Example questions include:

  • Does a mountain range keep two groups apart?
  • Does the wind down a valley make it almost unbearable to live there?
  • How does having a huge inland sea affect trade?

You might consider the related tag , since different geologic features can affect many things and adding them to get the features or removing them to prevent such can help make a world more believable for the situation one is trying to create.