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How could a creature derive energy from radioactive elements?

Your question doesn't make any sense, and here's why. This creature has extreme regenerative properties so damage from the radioactivity won't be an issue. If your animal can tolerate radiation ...
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Edible plants that can survive climate change while living in a desert where it's over 110 the winter

Build-a-Rainforest You sound like you are trying to build your own rainforest, but hotter, and with a lot of edible plants. Something that currently isn't possible as a rainforest mostly creates/...
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Carnivorous humanoids & the quest for a balanced diet

Eat it Raw Your aquatic people are like the Native Americans who live up in the Arctic Circle and eat a carnivorous diet. It is out of fashion to call these people Eskimos, but in fact the reason ...
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Carnivorous humanoids & the quest for a balanced diet

Here's the thing about adaptation. It happens through steps and stages, and it affects multiple aspects of an organism. Suppose the ancestors of your aquatic beings were land dwelling. Then, as they ...
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