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How do you make a metallic bonded compound stay liquid? Necessary for flying vehicles

If you're not too attached to bismuth, aluminium, magnesium, and plutonium, might I suggest NaK? The sodium-potassium eutectic alloy is liquid at room temperature and down to -12.6 °C. And like the ...
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The Evolution of Flight by Six-Limbed Vertebrates

You appear to be under the impression that a wing is supposed to be just a wing This is not always true: In half the cases of true flight, and the lion's share of unflighted wings, the wings also do ...
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The Evolution of Flight by Six-Limbed Vertebrates

So far it has been 100% front limbs adapting into the primary flight structures. So in your case it makes sense that it's the front ones as well. However you have six limbs, it would be more than cool ...
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The Evolution of Flight by Six-Limbed Vertebrates

There would be a number of factors that must be considered when determining which set of limbs would evolve to be used in flight. Considering that we are talking about a six-limbed vertebrate-like ...
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